There is a possible future for humanity. And we are the designers of it.
We live in a dying world, disintegrating nature and extinct animal species. Our water smells of led, our air smells like fog, the sun is fighting for a future and humanity is at the point of vain consumption.
One of the main evoker of all the world pollution is Fast Fashion.
-I want to design Fashion that will change the world. I want positive reactions and sophisticated street style. We live in a grey world, and we need a colorful Fashion to change our perception. I want a reason to get of bed, look fashionable, feel wonderful and change the world.-
DL is a sub brand of Drama, a baby brand for young educated people who are hungry to live.
SALVE is the first collection presenting the junior brand, made with ECO standards, redesigned and recycled garments. It’s partly RTW, partly unique pieces, natural fabrics and 3D printed garments with controlled origin. My team worked hard, so you can get a piece of intimate fashion story and we found a specific way to show it to you.
The crew behind the set is Nenad Tasevski, a young photographer and graphic designer, member of the Drama family with a promising future. The babe is Mila Dokovska, queen of street Fashion in Skopje. Dokovski Vase is the maestro behind the visual, Ana Kocevska is the girl who combined the pieces and made an impeccable style for the editorial and Ivana Jankulovska was the perfect assistant on set.

I want you to wear my Fashion as an Armour from all the negative in this world. And I want you to be gorgeous in it. Change the world for a positive future.